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BA-AL - Aluminum Insulated Access Door

The outdoors can be the most challenging place for an access door since you depend on it to survive the harshest weather. You can trust our brand-new BA-AL Aluminum Insulated Access Door for the best exterior access door.

When deciding which access door to use for external purposes, it's vital to consider these two things: Durability and Corrosion Resistance. The exterior access door must withstand harsh winds, cold winters, or even hot summers. Thankfully, the BA-AL features a .063 Aluminum door, trim, and return frame that fits the two essential requirements for an exterior access door.

The included ridge foam insulation is another key the BA-AL has for protecting your utilities. Combined with the neoprene gasket along the four sides of the door, it creates a fantastic thermal disconnection from the elements — ensuring your utilities don't get too hot or too cold. 

Lastly, you won't need special tools to operate the locking mechanism, as the BA-AL comes with a screwdriver-operated steel cam latch. If you're looking for a better security lock, we can also install a medium barrel cylinder lock with a key at your request.

Why You'll Like the BA-AL

  • Secure
  • Weather-Tight
  • Durable

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