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Building contractors, architects, and even the Government understand that correctional facilities, mental health institutions, and other buildings require extreme security to prevent breakout incidents. Best Access Doors can protect these institutions with its BA-HS access door and panel. This customizable access door has detention-grade steel materials and a design ready for facility-approved locks and keys for added safety.

The BA-HS High-Security Access Door has a simple yet durable design that allows you to install it quickly in its designated area. You may need extra tools to fit it in, but it does not require colossal equipment to mount it to the surface.

Its solid steel construction adds sturdiness and durability to the access doors, which lessens the risk of breakout incidents and forced access from outside the building.

It has a masonry anchor strap and welded heavy-duty butt hinge that secures the panel from unauthorized personnel opening it, which is ideal for prisons, jails, rehabilitation centers, and detention centers.

Depending on the rules and regulations of the facilities, you can request customized sizes, locks, and keys with stainless steel, detention lock, and paracentric key as one of the most in-demand added options.

Why Install BA-HS?

  • Durability
  • Security
  • Customizable

Call our access doors experts and get the best deal on your BA-HS purchase while providing efficient and secure access to concealed areas for specialized facilities (corrections facilities, psychiatric hospitals, laboratories, and transit).

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