BA-MS-7000 Standard Security Access Door  

Best Access Doors' BA-MS-7000 models aim to increase the safety and security of the building. These models are ideal for detention facilities, centers, schools, hotels, and mental health institutions that require additional protection for the internal building components from unauthorized access that may cause an unwanted alarm.

Building contractors may install the durable BA-MS- 7000 Medium Security Access Door at any surface to hide the wirings, vent system, and other essential components without jeopardizing security.

The BA-MS-7000 access doors are quick and easy to install security panels. It does not require heavy equipment to install in the stairwells, shafts, and other areas where you can hide the wires behind walls.

The BA-MS-7000 access doors' heavy-duty stainless-steel materials help secure the wirings and cables and access the security system from unauthorized personnel.

You can choose between a spanner head cam latch or a cylinder lock & key. When master keying is required, you can prepare this access door with a rim or mortise cylinder lock. 

It has a continuous concealed hinge and a paintable finish that you can paint according to your wall's color and design. Allowing the access door to blend into your interior designs adds extra security to the components by concealing it through the interior's paint and design.

Why Install BA-MS?  

  • Easy Installation
  • Security
  • Durability
  • Seamless 

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