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BA-PL- Flush Plaster Access Door- Best

Are you looking for an access door that you can install in walls and ceilings? The BA-PL flush plaster access door is something to consider! It comes with a flush access panel that leaves an aesthetically pleasing finish. 

Aside from wanting an access door that leaves a concealed appearance, you can also trust that the BA-PL can give you the following additional benefits: 

Having the BA-PL will ensure that maintenance experts and cleaning crew have direct and convenient access to integral parts of your commercial building. 

With its steel make, expect this door to last long and keep your components safe for a very long time. Consider it a lifetime investment. 

Its overall design and make was to ensure that you maintain the overall design and aesthetic of your walls or commercial building. 

It is convenient to install as you can install it on any flush or plaster surface, whether on your walls or ceilings. 

The BA-PL comes with a 14 gauge steel door that is durable and smooth with a trim of 16 gauge steel and a galvanized plaster flange. It makes it the perfect stable access door that you can easily install in your walls or ceilings for that convenient access without compromising the design of your wall. 

Why Choose the BA-PL? 

  • Convenient Access
  • Easy Installation
  • Excellent Aesthetics

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