BA-WBAP - Metal Access Door Recessed For Plaster

Applying plaster on your construction projects can be a time-consuming process. Best Access Doors makes your work more manageable with the BA-WBAP Metal Access Door Recessed for Plaster!

Plaster has a long-lasting finish when it sets, and you should have an access door just as strong. This access door has just that, as the door and frame are 16 gauge steel, ensuring this access door can withstand years of duty.

Applying metal lath for plaster work takes time. However, you can plaster the BA-WBAP right out of the box to make quick work of any project. The door is recessed 5/8" and has an expanded metal lath on its surface. Moreover, the frame also features a 24 ga plaster mesh galvanized casing bead and the same metal lath surrounding the door.

In addition, the BA-WBAP is also powder-coated white straight from the factory. You won't have to worry about corrosion taking hold of this door anytime soon, and you can even paint over it if you need to.

Lastly, suppose security is also a concern for you. In that case, you can install a medium barrel cylinder lock with a key instead of the screwdriver-operated cam lock that it usually has. With this, the BA-WBAP has covered your plaster-related access door needs.

Why Choose the BA-WBAP 

  • Quick-to-Install
  • Secure
  • Paintable

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