Fire Rated

Different surface materials require a specific access door that will not interfere with its structural integrity. For fire rated walls and ceilings that are made of plaster, Best Access Doors recommends the use of fire rated insulated access door with plaster flange. These panels provide economical and convenient access to critical areas behind plaster walls with the additional benefit of fire resistance. Make a pick from our insulated and uninsulated plaster doors now!

With 11 standard door units available, the fire rated uninsulated access door with plaster flange is ideal for wall installations. It is made of 16 gauge cold rolled steel frame and 20 gauge galvanneal steel door with 2" mineral wool insulation. Once covered with plaster, the 2 3/4’’ lath flange will disappear, leaving only the door panel visible. As per UL standards, once the installation is complete and the provided springs installed, this door will be self closing and self locking. 

When it comes to our insulated fire rated doors with plaster flange, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. We have the standard fire rated doors, double cam removable duct doors, hinged duct doors, round duct doors, airtight/ watertight doors, flush fully gasketed doors, removable doors, and surface mounted doors. These panels come in various sizes to meet special construction requirements.

Learn more about the benefits of our fire rated plaster access panel by talking to our product experts. Make a purchase now!