12'0" Aluminum Wall Mounted Ladder


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12'0" Aluminum Wall Mounted Ladder

Do you need a reliable, robust solution to access heights in your commercial construction projects safely? Introducing the BA-LAD 12'0" Aluminum Wall Mounted Ladder from Best Access Doors—a game-changer that brings unparalleled functionality and safety to your work environment.

Crafted from 15/16" square extruded aluminum climbing rungs, precisely spaced on 12" centers, this ladder doesn't compromise strength or durability. With a loading capacity of 300 pounds at midspan and fortified with 3/8" x 2 ½" Aluminum side members, it ensures stability and security for every ascent.

Reasons to Choose BA-LAD

Safety First: Conforming to OSHA Standards 29CFR-1910.27, this ladder guarantees a secure climb, thanks to its non-slip rungs providing both footholds and handholds. It's designed to prioritize the safety of your team.

Versatile and Modular: Its modular design offers versatility, allowing you to create the desired length using 4 ft and 5 ft ladder modules and various accessories and mounting options. This adaptability ensures it suits multiple height requirements seamlessly.

Easy Installation: Assembled on-site without any special tools, it saves time and effort during setup, providing immediate access for your crew.

Durability: The mill finish aluminum construction makes it lightweight and ensures long-term durability and resilience against harsh conditions, perfect for outdoor applications.

Expandable System: The component system allows for extensions or adaptations, ensuring it grows with your project needs, making it a cost-effective and future-proof solution.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Loading Capacity: 300 lbs. at midspan
  • Rungs: 15/16" square extruded aluminum spaced on 12" centers
  • Side Members: 3/8” x 2 ½” Aluminum
  • Stand-off Brackets: 7"
  • Finish: Mill Finish

Whether you're working on a rooftop, need access to a mezzanine, or require a safe way to ascend to different levels within your commercial space, the BA-LAD Aluminum Wall Mounted Ladder is the ultimate solution. Its adaptability, compliance with safety standards, and sturdy construction make it the go-to choice for construction professionals seeking a reliable and efficient access solution.

Equip your workspace with the Best Access Doors BA-LAD 12'0" Aluminum Wall Mounted Ladder, ensuring safety, efficiency, and peace of mind for your entire team.

Call us at 1-800-483-0823 to get started. If you need a custom size, let us know!

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