Tools of the Trade – Common Contractor Tools

Posted by bestaccessdoors on 19th Apr 2018

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When it comes to the construction and industrial industry, there are a few common tools that are essential. Without these tools no basic job can be completed. We list the top 7 common contractor tools …

Wall Coverings 101

Posted by bestaccessdoors on 11th Apr 2018

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When it comes to wall coverings, one way of thinking of them or rather looking at them is as though the walls pre-wall coverings are a canvas and the wall covering choices are the work of arts that go …

Painting 101 - 5 Types of Wall Paints to Know

Posted by bestaccessdoors on 4th Apr 2018

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While our exterior walls play an important role to the aesthetics of a building – the interior walls play just as important of a role and purpose. To the untrained eye, wall paints may just come as di …