BA-WSR Weather Strip Removable Panel  

A well-sealed building envelope is essential for indoor air quality and energy efficiency, as leaks can increase heating and cooling costs and mold growth. Access panels with a tight seal help maintain the building envelope's integrity even when opened for access. The BA-WSR Weather Strip Removable Panel combines easy access with a tight seal against air and water. It is ideal for maintaining and repairing hidden components in buildings, such as electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, HVAC ducts, and fire sprinklers.  

The BA-WSR is a weather strip removable access panel designed for walls and ceilings. It features flush gaskets for tight air and water seals, 16-gauge galvanized steel construction, a one-piece frame for easy concealment, 1/4"" mounting holes for faster installation, and a fully removable door with multiple screwdriver-operated latches. It's suitable for painting and has potential applications for accessing building components, providing ventilation, and creating electrical or plumbing access points.  

Why Should You Use the BA-WSR?      

  • Maintains Building Envelope Integrity: These panels create a tight seal against air and water leaks, which is crucial for good indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Leaks can increase heating/cooling costs and promote mold growth. BA-WSR helps your building envelope stay sealed even when accessed.  
  • Easy Access for Maintenance: Despite the tight seal, BA-WSR provides easy access to hidden components like electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, HVAC ducts, and fire sprinklers. This simplifies maintenance and repairs.  
  • Durable Construction: The BA-WSR is built with strong 16-gauge galvanized steel, making it resistant to wear and tear.  
  • Simple Installation: The one-piece frame and pre-drilled mounting holes make installation faster and easier.  
  • Versatile Applications: You can use the BA-WSR panels for various purposes beyond maintenance access. They can provide ventilation points and create electrical or plumbing access points. You can even paint them to match your surroundings.  

Important Note: Door not tested for air tightness  

The BA-WSR access door offers a robust solution for concealed access points in walls and ceilings. For a reliable, user-friendly access solution, choose the BA-WSR. Connect with us to request a quote or call 1-800-483-0823. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions.