Best Access Doors Removable Floor Door - 1" Recess for Concrete BA-RRFD-C1

The Removable Floor Door - 1" Recess for Concrete or the BA-RRFD-C1 model might be the access door you need on your next construction project. Its designs are ideal for construction and installations that require an access space while providing quick access to hassle-free maintenance and repair.

The BA-RRFD-C1 has an aluminum door of 1/4" aluminum diamond plate reinforced entrance that can handle up to 300 lbs./sq. Ft. adds sturdiness and durability to the access doors protecting the building components safely and securely. Additionally, it has a 1" anchor flange on its angle frame and tamper proof stainless-steel bolts and nuts.

Compliance: The BA-RRFD-C1 can help you with your building's LEED certification since this model is LEED-compliant in Canada and the US.

Customizable: Although BA-RRFD-C1 has specific sizes posted, Best Access Doors offers an option to customize your access door with different locks and latches.

Why Choose BA-RRFD-C1?  

  • Installation
  • Durability

Do you need help finding the right size? Best Access Door can customize the BA-RRFD-C1 to fit your needs perfectly. Do not wait any longer! Discuss your access door needs with our world-class sales team and customer service today!

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