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Best Access All-Stars creates opportunities, fosters community, and makes champions. We're excited to support your child's journey to success through our sponsorship program. Get in the game and unlock doors to a brighter future together!

At Best Access Doors, we're all about creating opportunities, and our commitment to young athletes and budding talents is no exception. Welcome to our sponsorship program, where we transform our corporate values into action – Integrity, Accountability, People, and Innovation, all for the love of sports and learning!

Each sponsored team/activity will receive a one-time donation of up to $500.

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For Our Valued Customers

As for our loyal customers, if you've made two (2) or more purchases from www.BestAccessDoors.com or via telephone/quotes within a calendar year, you're eligible to apply for sponsorship for your child(ren)'s sports teams or extracurricular activities. And just like our team members, you'll have to wait six (6) months before you can reapply.

The Starting Line-Up Sponsorship Criteria

1. Frequent Flyers:

Annual Sponsorship Roundup

Every calendar year, the Best Access All-Stars program sponsors six (6) children's sports teams or extracurricular activities. It's an even split – three (3) sponsorships for our MVP team members and three (3) for our all-star customers. We kick off the sponsorship season on January 1st every year, starting in 2024, with each sponsored team/activity receiving a one-time donation of up to $500.

2. Calling All Prospects:

Team/Activity Criteria

To ensure we're investing in the best, here are the must-haves:

  • Age range: 2 - 18 years
  • Activity type: Sports, physical activities, or educational pursuits
  • Minimum game time: Four (4) weeks, with at least one session per week

Show Us Your Best Moves

Applying for sponsorship is as easy as scoring a goal! Here's your game plan:

  • Submit Your Playbook: Complete this application form, providing all necessary details about the club/association involved in the activity.
  • The Game Plan: Our Sponsorship Committee will review your application within ten (10) business days.
  • Victory Lap: You'll receive an email notification with the official decision.
  • Fair Play: All applications will be assessed based on financial need, the impact of funding on the organization or community, and alignment with our core values.

When filling out the application form, don't forget:

  • Your contact info.
  • Your child's details.
  • The payee's information.
  • A slam-dunk explanation of how the funding will be a game-changer for your child, team, or community.
  • Give us the green light to celebrate your victory by agreeing to submit a team picture if funding is approved.