Exterior Door

At Best Access Doors, we've reimagined and meticulously engineered our BA-MX Exterior Door to set new standards in durability, performance, and reliability for commercial construction projects. Whether it's enhancing acoustics, improving thermal efficiency, or fortifying against air leaks and water ingress, the BA-MX Exterior Door stands out as the pinnacle choice.

Revamped Design for Unparalleled Performance: Our newly redesigned BA-MX Exterior Door is a game-changer, boasting significant enhancements that redefine what a commercial exterior door can offer. It doesn't just meet industry standards; it surpasses them.

Unmatched Acoustical and Thermal Advancements: Experience a dramatic improvement in acoustical and thermal performance. With double the insulation compared to standard doors, our BA-MX Exterior Door creates a robust barrier against external elements, ensuring optimal interior conditions regardless of the weather outside. The 1" thick polystyrene insulation delivers an impressive 5.0 R-value, offering exceptional energy efficiency that saves on heating and cooling costs.

Combatting Leaks and Rust with Precision: Bid farewell to worries about air leaks and water penetration. The factory-applied caulking and sealed, watertight pan work in tandem to significantly reduce these concerns, making your building more resilient and long-lasting. Our 18-gauge galvannealed steel frame and door, complemented by rust-resistant design, ensure enduring quality even in harsh environmental conditions.

Craftsmanship and Features: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the BA-MX Exterior Door boasts an 18-gauge galvannealed steel frame and door. The one-piece trim design ensures seamless integration, while the continuous galvanized piano hinge guarantees smooth operation over time. The textured chrome lift and turn compression latch, complete with a gasket and key, provides both security and convenience.

Unrivaled Protection: The door-frame interface is fortified with 3/8" wide by 1/8" thick closed cell neoprene gasketing, creating an impenetrable barrier against unwanted elements. Additionally, the prime coat of rust-inhibitive electrostatic powder, finished with baked white enamel, adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring longevity and visual appeal.


  • Frame: 18-gauge galvannealed steel
  • Door: 18-gauge galvannealed steel
  • Trim: One-piece
  • Gasketing: 3/8" wide by 1/8" thick closed cell neoprene gasketing
  • Insulation: 1" thick polystyrene with 5.0 R-value
  • Hinge: Continuous galvanized piano hinge
  • Latches: Textured chrome lift and turn compression latch with gasket, keyed
  • Finish: Prime coat of rust inhibitive electrostatic powder, baked white enamel

When it comes to ensuring superior protection, exceptional insulation, and enduring quality for your commercial building, the BA-MX Exterior Door from Best Access Doors stands as the unrivaled choice. Elevate your construction projects with a door that doesn't just meet expectations—it exceeds them.

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