Non-Security Aluminum Floor Door – For Terrazzo  

Do you require efficient below-ground access within terrazzo flooring without distracting from the décor and ambiance? Meet your solution; BA-Z-NSEC Non-Security Aluminum Floor Door – For Terrazzo by Best Access Doors!

Discover a new level of ease and convenient access while maintaining enhanced aesthetical appeal and low maintenance requirements.

This aluminum floor hatch features an extruded frame, providing an ideal combination of rugged durability and lightweight and hassle-free design. BA-Z-NSEC streamlines your installations with welded anchors to its frame, so you can set it, forget it, and return to it whenever access is required!

Take a Closer Look at BA-Z-NSEC

  • Rugged and durable extruded aluminum frame
  • Recessed cover to a depth of 11/16” for terrazzo tile inserts
  • Air and weathertight construction with 1/16” neoprene gaskets
  • Barely noticeable finish to maintain an unbothered terrazzo surface
  • Streamlined yet highly secure installations with welded masonry anchors
  • Hassle-free, immediate access with a lift ring handle.

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