BA-HHD-110 Heavy-Duty Access Door for Large Openings with Exposed Flange  

Although we carry a range of access doors in smaller sizes, contractors and architects alike are pleased to discover that we have more than standard sizes! BA-hhD-110 Heavy-Duty Access Door for Large Openings with Exposed Flange is a well-built and reliable unit that gives you expanded access to oversized openings in non-rated walls or ceilings. 

Our standard heavy-duty door model starts at 48" x 48” inches, giving you a wider berth and offering more comfort in less confined and restrictive conditions.

This large, heavy-duty access door offers a range of applications within masonry or drywall surfaces. From crawlspace portals to entry points for extra storage compartments and everything in between, the BA-HHD-110 allows for comfortable and convenient access. Your maintenance personnel will thank you with more thorough inspections!

Get to Know BA-HHD-110  

  • Allows Comfortable Access: BA-HHD-110 is ideal for larger openings requiring more space for comfortable entry.
  • Heavy Duty Door: We manufacture BA-HHD-110 from cold rolled steel for a sturdy, reliable, dependable access door.
  • Secure Installation: BA-HHD-110's exposed flange and thicker frame is perfect for framing exposed joints and uneven openings for a more refined and professional look.
  • Full Door Extension: BA-HHD-110 utilizes a continuous piano hinge allowing a greater door extension.

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