Acoustical Double-Leaf Smoke Vent

In the event of a fire, a smoke vent can help reduce the spread of fire and ventilate smoke, giving occupants more time to escape, making it a valuable investment. BA-ACDSV Acoustical Double Leaf Smoke Vent offers superior ventilation, but it also prevents external sound intrusion in auditoriums, concert halls, and theaters. It also guards against low-frequency outdoor sounds like traffic and airplane noises.

Reasons to Choose BA-ACDSV

Double-Leaf Vent Doors: BA-ACDSV utilizes a double-leaf door mechanism for an increased surface area allowing a more efficient smoke ventilation process, ideal for high-square footage buildings. 

Automated Unlatching Mechanism: Our innovative Thermolatch mechanism allows an automatic latch release that is activated using a fusible link, satisfying International Building Code (IBC 910.3.)  In an emergency, the fuse will melt at temperatures about 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees Celsius,) activating the unit's responsive double-leaf doors.

Built for Streamlined Installations: BA-ACDSV sports a frame that is easily placed and fitted into its prepared fitting for a simplified installation process.

Soundproofed: BA-ACDSV is ideal for concert and sound halls, theatres, and loud factories due to its insulation and noise-dampening properties. This vent hatch boasts an exceptional OITC-46 and STC-50 rating. 

Durable Construction: BA-ACDSV comprises a robust 14-gauge steel construction for greater strength and durability against corrosion and the elements.

Stylish Finish: BA-ACDSV has a standard Alkyd base red oxide primer for an elegant and highly aesthetic finish, the perfect accessory to vintage and contemporary roofs.

Invest in the Best

Invest in the BA-ACDSV Acoustical Double-Leaf Roof Vent for a reliable and effective solution to your smoke ventilation and noise reduction needs!

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