BA-TLDF - Concealed Touch Latch Aesthetic Door With Mud In Flange

While access doors are life-changing in making maintenance work easy, they present problems when blending with the rest of the room. Best Access Doors solves this conundrum by introducing the BA-TLDF Concealed Touch Latch Aesthetic Door With Mud In Flange access panel. Not only is it simple and stylish, but it's also cost-effective!

The BA-TLDF's touch latch system makes accessibility easy since you won't need special tools or keys to operate it. Another unique feature of the BA-TLDF is the concealed spring hinge that'll close the door for you. Then, you'd need to push the door to engage the touch latch and lock the door

You can remove the door from the hinges if you need total accessibility to your work area. We also have safety cables attached to the door for sizes larger than 12" x 12", so you won't have to worry about the door falling off.

Another benefit of the concealed push latch is that you get a surface that sits almost flush with its surroundings. We've also made the installation process of this access door incredibly easy for you by including a drywall bead on its flange. You can complete your work faster since all you'd need to do is plaster over the flange without needing extra mesh tape. You will have to maintain functionality over form with this access door. 

Why You Should Get The BA-TLDF

  • Seamless Installation
  • Complete Accessibility
  • Effortless Operation

We also have customized doors available to cater to that particular project you've wanted to get off the ground. We can guarantee that your customized access door will ship in as little as five days!

Discuss your access door needs with our world-class sales team and customer service today at 800-483-0823. We are happy to assist you from the beginning of your project to its completion!