Medium Security Access Panel – Prime Coated 
The BA-MS-7000-PC Medium Security Access Panel – Prime Coated delivers robust security for a variety of applications, making it the ideal choice for projects requiring a strong barrier against forced entry. The BA-MS-7000-PC is the perfect solution for architects, contractors, and other skilled professionals seeking a high-performance security door. 
BA-MS-7000-PC's design exceeds medium-security needs; these doors combine strength, functionality, and aesthetics to safeguard your spaces effectively, making them ideal for applications such as: 

  • Server rooms and data centers
  • Equipment rooms
  • Cash rooms and vaults
  • Retail security areas
  • Building access control points

Take a Closer Look at the BA-MS-7000 
Superior Strength and Durability: The BA-MS-7000-PC's heavy-duty steel construction discourages break-in attempts and safeguards valuable assets, providing peace of mind. 

Enhanced Security against Forced Entry: The multi-point locking system on the BA-MS-7000-PC deters potential intruders and makes breaching the door significantly more difficult compared to standard doors. 

The Perfect Fit for any Entry Point: Available in standard and custom sizes, the BA-MS-7000-PC eliminates the need for modifications that can compromise security. Standard sizes ensure a quick installation process, while custom options provide flexibility for unique architectural requirements. 
Reduced Risk of Break-Ins: The BA-MS-7000-PC's robust build and advanced locking system significantly reduces the vulnerability of your project to break-ins, safeguarding valuables and ensuring business continuity. 
Extended Service Life: BA-MS-7000-PC's prime coating contributes to the door's long-term performance and corrosion resistance, providing reliable security and functionality for an extended period without significant deterioration. 
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