Steel Floor Door – 150 PSF 

Discover a whole new level of durability, effortless installation, and exceptional weather resistance with the BA-Q Steel Floor Door – 150, proudly presented by Best Access Doors. Engineered from robust ¼" steel, this model effortlessly adapts to various indoor and outdoor applications.

Surprisingly lightweight yet astonishingly strong, BA-Q defies expectations with its reinforced cover, built to handle an impressive 150 PSF live load. Adding to its fortitude is the cleverly designed angled steel frame, delivering not only enhanced strength but also unwavering structural integrity, making it the ultimate choice for demanding work environments. Upgrade your access with the dependable BA-Q. 

Why Invest in BA-Q? 

  • Diamond tread plated cover to ensure better footing for enhanced safety 
  • Hasse-free access, with a lift-assisted cover and automatic hold-open arms 
  • Load-bearing cover reinforced to support a live-load of up to 150 psf 
  • Highly durable ¼" steel frame and cover with extruded frame 
  • Two-way access provided by removable external turn handle and fixed interior handle 
  • Zinc-plated hardware for ultimate durability

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