BA-CT-3-US-30-30 Aluminum Double Door for Tile Ceiling – Upswing

BA-CT-3-US-30-30 Aluminum Double Door for Tile Ceiling – Upswing is exceptionally lightweight and ideal for strain-free and less-intensive integrations into tiled ceilings. This highly durable model features a handle-free push-to-open door leaf design for hassle-free access. With a continuous piano hinge, BA-CT-3-US-30-30's aluminum leaf doors provide easy openings, greater durability, and corrosion resistance. BA-CT-3-US-30-30 offers seamless access to an array of electrical and wiring components, fire suppression systems, HVAC components, and lighting controls.

Looking For Hassle-Free Access to Tiled Ceilings?

  • Seamlessly blends with tiled ceilings
  • Gravity-assisted, up-swinging door
  • Double-leaf doors for more access
  • No-handle, push-to-open design
  • Continuous piano hinge for a greater opening radius
  • Anti-corrosive aluminum and stainless-steel construction

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