BA-IVHKL- Invisa Hatch- Best

Invisa Hatch™ (BA-IVH) is ideal for high-profile locations, including hotels, high-end condominiums, formal dining rooms, lounges, and upscale establishments. Once installed, the door blends seamlessly for a virtually invisible finish!

Invisa Hatch™ is our latest solution for upscale interiors where architects, designers, and building owners desire the concealment of required access doors. Hardware sits behind the drywall inlay; once installed, the door blends seamlessly into the drywall. This door is completely removable and provides unobstructed access to non-rated walls. Safety Cable included on sizes over 12" x 12".

Invisa Hatch™ Drywall Inlay with Fully Detachable Hatch is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Its high-grade aluminum comes with a unique welding process. The access panel consists of a welded frame and drywall inlay.

The reveal of 1/16 of an inch (1.59 mm) is visible between the outer frame and door hatch. The concealed snap locks open the access panel when applying pressure to the spring-loaded latch side.

Why Choose Invisa Hatch™?

  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Accessibility
  • Innovative Design
  • Concealment

When you install BA-IVH correctly, you can expect excellence. However, improper installation can affect its intended purpose and compromise quality. If you have questions, be sure to consult a professional!

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