Precast Vault Floor Access Doors – Double Leaf  

Introducing the BA-PDCM Precast Vault Floor Access Doors – Double Leaf, your primary solution from Best Access Doors that adds security and convenience to concrete vault entry. Designed for efficiency, this access door boasts a 6" high frame that ensures hassle-free installation in precast concrete vault forms. Thanks to its peel-off protection, BA-PDCM's aluminum cover remains flawless during installation. 

Experience worry-free access with BA-PDCM. Its flush spring-loaded snap lock, operated by a removable exterior turn handle, guarantees secure closure. Plus, the BA-PDCM takes it up a notch with lift-assisted openings using hold-open arms, making one-handed operation a breeze. Upgrade your vault access entry with the reliable BA-PDCM Precast Vault Floor Access Door – Double Leaf. 

Get to Know BA-PDCM 

  • Streamlined, less labor-intensive installations with 6” high frame
  • Safe secure latch with spring loaded snap lock alternate options available 
  • Diamond tread plated cover for highly secure footing and a safer worksite 
  • Double leaf design for more room and clearance space
  • Hassle-free access with lift assisted opening and automatic hold open arms 
  • Reinforced cover supports a live load of up to 300psf
  • Durable, low maintenance ¼" aluminum for high standard of corrosion resistance 
  • Two-way access is granted by removable exterior turn latch and fixed interior latch 

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