Surface Mounted Valve Box – Prime Coated

If you are looking for exceptional versatility in applications and ultimate convenience without compromising on quality and security, count on BA-ASVB-PC Surface Mounted Valve Box – Prime Coated! This budget-friendly solution offers tremendous convenience for temporary applications and allows easy removal and refitting anywhere you desire without compromising security and protection. The BA-ASVB-PC by Best Access Doors features a robust 16-gauge steel construction and comes equipped with a cylinder lock and key. Whether you need to house plumbing, irrigation, or gas valves, the BA-ASVB-PC is the go-to choice for your needs!

Experience Optimal Convenience with BA-ASVB-PC!  

  • Streamlined access to valves and controls with durable continuous piano hinge
  • Modifiable valve box to accommodate more valves and controls
  • Labor, time, and money-saving surface-mounted installations
  • Versatile applications for easy removal and reinstallations
  • Prime coated for a seamless and professional blend in gypsum drywall

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