Single Leaf Gas Spring Lift Roof Hatch – 70PSF  

Step up your rooftop access game with the BA-M-1 Single Leaf Gas Spring Lift Roof Hatch - 70PSF, the ultimate solution for safe and convenient access to rooftops. Equipped with enclosed heavy-duty Torsion Coil Springs, BA-M-1 effortlessly opens and closes, allowing maintenance personnel to maintain a secure grip on ladder rungs or guide rails for smooth and easy one-handed operation. Best Access Doors offers BA-M-1 in a range of convenient sizes to ensure comfortable passage without obstructions or risks of snags and an opening to 90 degrees.

Why Consider BA-M-1?  

  • Durable rust and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel composition
  • Heavy-duty Torsion Coil Springs allow convenient lift-assisted openings and one-handed operation
  • 90-degree openings, with hold-open arms for more clearance space
  • Insulated cover for thermal and acoustical resistance
  • Live load support of 70 pounds per square foot
  • Sustainably sourced and recyclable material

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