Drywall Inlay - Hidden Air Handler Access Door

The BA-HVAC-HDI Drywall Inlay Hidden Air Handler Access Door from Best Access Doors is a pinnacle of engineering designed specifically for commercial construction projects that demand functionality and aesthetic appeal. This access door is essential for any project requiring discreet access to air handling units in non-rated walls and ceilings.

Why Choose BA-HVAC-HDI?

High-Grade Aluminum Construction: The door features a welded aluminum frame that ensures durability and resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for various environments, including those prone to moisture and mildew.

Customizable Drywall Inlay: Available with a choice of ½" (12.7mm) or ⅝" (15.9mm) drywall inlay, this access door can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding surface, maintaining the visual integrity of your space.

Innovative Safety System: A safety system prevents accidental openings for doors over 12" (305mm), ensuring that the door remains securely closed when not in use.

Concealed Design: Once installed, the door is virtually invisible, with a minimal reveal of 1/16" (1.59mm) between the frame and door, preserving the aesthetic of your walls and ceilings.

Easy Access: Equipped with pressure-sensitive touch latches for effortless opening and closing. An optional lock can be added for enhanced security.

Environmental Control: A foam gasket surrounds the door's perimeter, providing resistance to air and dust infiltration contributing to a controlled and clean environment.

NOTE: Air vent is not included

Installation: Suitable for non-rated walls and ceilings, with vertical/wall installation requiring the hinge side to be positioned downwards


  • Superior engineering and innovative design ensure a product that is functional and enhances your project's aesthetic.
  • Quick and easy installation saves time and labor costs.
  • The solid aluminum frame and flush installation option make it ideal for walls and ceilings, ensuring a seamless look.
  • Available in moisture-resistant, mildew-resistant, and cement board options to suit various project requirements.

The BA-HVAC-HDI is perfect for commercial construction projects where access to air handling units is necessary but where maintaining the visual appeal of the space is also a priority. Whether you're working on office buildings, retail spaces, or residential complexes, this access door combines functionality with a sleek, concealed design.

For more information or to discuss your specific project needs, please don't hesitate to contact our team of product experts at 1-800-483-0823 or simply Request a Quote. At Best Access Doors, we're committed to providing high-quality solutions and exceptional customer service to ensure your project's success.

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