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At some point, your building technicians will need to gain access to your building’s roof because they need to get some maintenance work done. Instead of placing a ladder at the side of the building, the best option is to install the BA-TRH roof hatch that can provide convenient entry to the roof all the time. 

You can find that BA-TRH galvanneal steel material, and has an easy-open design because of its gas cylinders that lift the hatch without a problem. And with its heavy-duty design and insulation, you can expect it to last for a long time and maintain it with ease! If you have trouble adhering to LEED certification, you can find that the BA-TRH contributes to it directly. Other specification you need to learn about the roof hatch include:

Cover: 14 gauge galvanneal steel with 1" fibergalss insulation

Curb: 14 gauge galvanneal steel with 1" fiber board insulation

Seal: "D" - foam adhesive gasket provides a flush and tight fit

Finish: high quality white powder coat

Components: 2 gas cylinders, retaining bar handles

Don’t forget that you can purchase the BA-TRH in different sizes, ensuring that it fits perfectly on the roof’s opening. Get in touch with us at (800) 483-0823 to order one right away! You can also cal us if you have additional questions about the roof hatch or our other products. 


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