BA-ASV-DL Smoke Vent Double Leaf Aluminum 

Best Access Doors' BA-ASV-DL model is vital to the building's fire, and smoke control system as this access door serves as a smoke vent during fire outbreaks. It also serves as an escape route for people trapped inside and, simultaneously, access for firefighters to get into the building quickly. 

The BA-ASV-DL Smoke Vent Double Leaf Aluminum model roof hatch is one of most building contractors' preferred access panels as it is easy to install in the ceiling.

The BA-ASV-DL self-latching slam latch opens the leaf doors automatically when you push them. It also provides quick access to evacuees and firefighters during fire outbreaks. It also has a 165° UL Listed Fusible Link and a Resettable McCabe link that triggers to open the access door if it detects heavy smoke and fire.

The BA-ASV-DL has 11 ga aluminum with a 20 ga aluminum inside liner that can support a live load of 40lbs./sq. Ft. It also has a sealing gasket to provide a flush, tight fit, preventing any water from getting into the building.

Why Must You Install BA-ASV-DL? 

  • Installation
  • Accessibility
  • Durability

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