BA-FRFD - Floor Hatch Fire Rated

It's vital to protect your investment from fire hazards. With the BA-FRFD Floor Hatch Fire Rated, you can rest assured that it's passed international standards for fire resistance!

The BA-FRFD has undoubtedly become one of the most dependable floor panels on the market. Firstly, engineers equipped this access panel with a 1/4" aluminum diamond plate door that can easily support a live load of 150 lb/per sq. ft, ensuring it'll handle a life of hard work.

Next, the highlight of this floor panel is its 2-hour fire rating. The BA-FRFD features a 3" x 3 "x 1/4" aluminum top frame and a 3 1/2" x 2" x 11 gauge stainless steel bottom frame with a thermal break in between so that the heat of the fire doesn't make its way through thermal conductivity. For added protection, the BA-FRFD also has two 1" thick layers of ceramic blanket insulation attached to the bottom frame that best compliments its fire resistance. These features packed into a single access door ensure it'll live up to NFPA 288 & ASTM E 119 Standards.

Lastly, the BA-FRFD makes it easy for you to operate the door. It opens up 90 degrees when fully opened and is supported by stainless steel compression springs, so you won't have a hard time opening it. The BA-FRFD completes the package by featuring an automatic hold arm open and a 165 degrees fusible link for automatic closing when exposed to smoke or fire. 

Overall, the BA-FRFD is the complete fire safety package with Durability, Accessibility, and Convenience built-in.

What Makes the BA-FRFD Amazing:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Strong Fire-Resistance
  • Ergonomic Opening Mechanism

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