Solar Venting Curb-Mount Skylight - Laminated Glass  

Skylights such as BA-FVS-L Solar Venting Curb-Mount Skylight - Laminated Glass by Best Access Doors offer you a highly efficient yet environmentally friendly solution to brighten up your spaces with natural light and fresh air! This automatically venting skylight harnesses and stores the sun's rays with a PV panel and integrated battery, allowing a remote-controlled opening and easy smart-home integration.

BA-FVS-L preserves its frame and your drywall with internal gaskets to prevent the permeation of condensation and water. Count on BA-FVS-L for optimal convenience, comfort, and access to fresher air and the numerous benefits of natural lighting!

Harness the Power of the Sun with BA-FVS-L!  

  • Automatic, remote-controlled venting provided by solar-powered PV panel with integrated battery
  • Suitable for roof pitches ranging from 15 to 85 degrees
  • Laminated glass glazing for excellent resistance to scratches and breaks for exceptional durability
  • Easy, labor-saving, bracket-free installations
  • Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing varnished timbered
  • Low-emission, UV-protected panel glazing to eliminate risks associated with UV-rays
  • Argon-filled, dual-layered glass panels for exceptional thermal resistance for all seasons

At Best Access Doors, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest commitment to our customer's satisfaction. Simply choose the size that suits your needs! If you have a custom request or any questions, you can reach us at (800)-483-0823 to connect with our world-class product experts!