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Here at Best Access Doors, we make sure to provide you with the top-quality access doors you need. So if you're ever looking for a roof hatch, make sure you have the BA-LERH roof hatch installed in your buildings. This roof hatch offers safety accessibility to roof areas through the Roof Hatch opening. Contractors will enjoy how this product is easy to install, bolts to Cap flashing, fabricated from Steel, which is proven to not corrode. The BA-LERH is powdered yellow for visibility and attaches to cap flashing and assists easy egress and ingress through roof hatches. 

Lastly, we take pride in giving you a wide variety of shipping options directly to your job site. Need a custom size? We can manufacture and ship in as little as 5 days! Our world-class customer service team looks forward to discussing all your Access Door needs, today! Feel free to contact us at (800) 483-0823 or by email via 

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