BA-LERH Safety Ladder Extension

The BA-LERH Safety Ladder Extension is another North American contractor professionals' favorite roof hatch safety equipment. Like BA-RGRH Safety Rail and Gate System and BA-TPRH Safety Telescopic Post, it grants safe access to the roof areas helping authorized personnel to free themselves from potential accidents that can happen when climbing in and out of the roof hatch.

Experts designed the Best Access Doors' LERH to be roof hatches' companion in securing the safety of individuals coming in and out of the opening. This way, you can prevent accidents, as climbing highly elevated roofs can be dangerous, and it's an area prone to hazards.

Aside from safety, the BA-LERH guarantees cleaning and maintenance specialists or other authorized persons easy egress and ingress from the roof hatch. With this equipment installed, personnel can move in and out much more quickly, speeding up the completion of their task.

This safety ladder extension is perfect for installing in outdoor roof areas as it's built with crew steel tubes and can withstand the quick weather change from intense heat, cold to wet. More importantly, its steel-based elements empower the tube to resist corrosion, causing the safety extension to last long.

The BA-LERH are effortless to install, with just little welding construction required to secure the tight attachment of the ladder extension beside the roof hatch's curb. Moreover, it requires about 4-hole drillings to insert the 3/8"-16 x 3/4" LG HEX BOLT ST/ST and 3/8" flat washer ST/ST and ensure rigid fastening.

Just in other safety posts like BA-RGRH and BA-TPRH, this BA-LERH safety ladder extension is in a yellow finish coat that makes the tool easy to see by the naked eye even when the area turns dark at night.

The BA-LERH Safety Ladder Extension is a tube utility best fitting in your roof hatches to guarantee safe and effortless landing on high roof areas that also need regular cleaning and maintenance. This way, you can attentively monitor and safely keep the facilities stored in your roof sections.

Why Choose the BA-LERH

  • Easy Installation
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Visible Yellow Finish

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