BA-RGRH Safety Rail and Gate System 

Prioritizing worker safety is crucial in construction, as falls from roofs are a leading cause of fatalities. OSHA standards mandate fall protection for workers at heights exceeding 6 feet. The BA-RGRH Safety Rail and Gate System helps reduce liability and headaches, preventing accidents that can lead to lawsuits and fines.  

The BA-RGRH is a safety railing and gate system designed to protect workers at heights on commercial buildings' rooftops. It features a railing system surrounding the roof hatch opening, preventing falls, and a spring tension mechanism that automatically closes the hatch opening after passing through.  

Installing the system is fairly easy, requires no special tools, and has a standard bright yellow or galvanized finish option. Its steel construction ensures long-lasting performance, prioritizing worker safety and simplifying installation for contractors.  

Why Should You Use the BA-RGRH? 

  • Prioritizes Worker Safety: Falls from roofs are a leading cause of construction fatalities. The BA-RGRH's comprehensive railing system and self-closing gate significantly reduce fall hazards, protecting workers and ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations. This translates to a safer work environment and peace of mind for you and your crew.  
  • Reduces Liability and Costs: Accidents due to falls can lead to lawsuits and hefty fines. By providing a proven safety solution like the BA-RGRH, you demonstrate your commitment to worker safety and mitigate costly legal repercussions.  
  • Saves Time and Money on Installation: The easy on-site assembly process eliminates the need for complex installations or specialized tools. This translates to faster installation times for your crew, reducing labor costs and keeping your project on schedule.  
  • Boosts Worker Confidence and Productivity: A reliable safety system like the BA-RGRH fosters a sense of security among workers, allowing them to focus on the task at hand. This can lead to increased productivity and overall job satisfaction for your crew.  
  • Enhances Your Reputation and Attracts Clients: Your dedication to safety speaks volumes. Offering the BA-RGRH shows your commitment to quality and worker well-being, potentially attracting new clients who prioritize safety and leading to repeat business.  
  • Easy to Use and Maintain: The user-friendly design simplifies operation and reduces the risk of malfunction. The self-closing gate requires minimal maintenance, ensuring long-term functionality.  

Note: While the weight range is provided, it's likely for specific pre-cut rail lengths. The actual weight of the BA-RGRH system would depend on the size of the roof hatch installed.  

Don't let rooftop safety take a back seat. The BA-RGRH safety rail and gate system is a comprehensive solution for secure and compliant roof access. This user-friendly system prioritizes worker safety with its self-closing gate and surrounding rail system, all designed for effortless on-site assembly.  

Protect your crew, ensure OSHA compliance, and streamline installationchoose BA-RGRH for peace of mind and a safer tomorrow on every project. Connect with us to request a quote, or call 1-800-483-0823. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions.