BA-RGRH Safety Rail and Gate System

Your roof hatches demand a practical mechanism that can help authorized personnel to reach the highest point of the building or do vital tasks in high elevations. In that case, trust the North American construction industry's most favored choice, BA-RGRH Safety Rail and Gate System, to be your most efficient and instant companion for roof access needs.

The BA-RGRH Safety Rail and Gate System is your highly secured mechanism to reach the roof and ceiling area of your commercial building safely. It contains aluminum materials and a mill finish, significantly boosting the durability and sturdiness of your roof hatch's rail and gate system.

The rail and gate system that Best Access Doors offer conforms according to OSHA Standards 1910.28. Not only that, but it's also available to secure and fasten to the ground adding an extra layer of security to the aluminum rail you'll hold as you land on top of your establishment's roof.

The BA-RGRH safety rail and gate system will surround the entire opening sides of your roof hatch. It features a spring tension gate that ensures that the opening will automatically close once an individual passes.

The BA-RGRH can be seamlessly attached to your establishment's roof hatch without requiring special tools. Furthermore, it allows effortless assembling on-site, saving contractors and other authorized personnel time and effort. 

For safety and security, the BA-RGRH safety rail and gate system are in a yellow-painted finish, aiming always to be visible to the naked eye, no matter how dark your roof or ceiling area turns. Optionally, you can also get it in galvanized finish.

Accidents can occasionally happen, especially when climbing in and out of a high roof hatch to complete necessary actions in elevated locations in your building. Thus, Best Access Doors' BA-RGRH Safety Rail and Gate System are an essential addition to your roof hatches as they make the unit more dependable and secure the workers' safety when dealing with concerns at the highest point of your establishment.

Why Choose the BA-RGRH?

  • Different Finish Options
  • On-Site Assembling
  • Self-Closing Gate

At Best Access Doors, we are your best partners in finding safe and secure rail and gate systems suitable to attach to your commercial buildings' roof hatch. Rely on our products to give you economical and reliable mechanisms to help you safely reach high-elevated establishment areas. Reach us at 800-483-0823 to ask for a personalized quote request. For any product concerns or issues, kindly review our Returns Policy.