Universal Access Panel with Gasket

BA-UAP-G Universal Access Panel with Gasket offers you a range of applications throughout your non-rated masonry and gypsum drywall structures. This hinged access door provides incredible ceiling or wall panel cover versatility, making it the ideal remedy for unsightly exposed utilities.

This model's flush-to-frame door is enhanced by a neoprene gasket, significantly minimizing airflow to and from its application with hassle-free, user-friendly design; BA-UAP-G grants easy access to internal components, a beautiful modern design for easy integration with your décor, and unlimited non-rated applications.

BA-UAP-G offers incredible value to HVAC specialists, plumbing professionals, maintenance personnel, and commercial contractors!

Why Choose BA-UAP-G? 

Easy to Install: With a 1" exposed flange, you will enjoy a streamlined and hassle-free installation process within your surface of choice.

Keeps Dust Out: With durable neoprene gaskets adhered to its cover, BA-UAP-G greatly minimizes airflow between the frame and door with a strong seal.

Cold Rolled Construction: This panel door comprises cold rolled steel for an uncompromising, rust-proof fit within your non-rated masonry and drywall surfaces. 

Dependable and Durable: BA-UAP-G is crafted of durable 16-gauge steel, which is resistant to rust, corrosion, and moisture.

Flush Mounted: Installing the BA-UAP-G throughout your non-rated surfaces allows a smooth and unbothered surface due to the unit's flush-mounted installation for a stealthy and hardly noticeable finish.

Lots of Lock and Latch Options: Where restricted access to internal components is necessary, you can substitute BA-AAP's standard screwdriver-operated cam latch for a;

  • Key-operated cylinder cam latch
  • Handle-operated cam latch
  • Mortise preparation for cylinder
  • Hex head slam latch
  • Mortise deadbolt lock

Please get in touch with our team to specify your preference, if necessary.

This access door's robust 16-gauge cold-rolled steel construction will hold up against harsh conditions, including areas where moisture is an issue.

BA-UAP-G comes out of the box ready for installation with a high-quality white powder coat primer that you can easily paint or texture over, beautifully adapting to its surroundings.

Trust BA-UAP-G Universal Access Panel with Gasket for secure and dependable access in non-rated fittings! Due to its range of applications, we recommend having a few on hand to reduce wait times. 

Call us at 1-800-483-0823 to get started. If you're looking for a custom size, let us know.