Commercial and industrial buildings may need an easy-to-install BA-GRH-DO (domed roof hatch – galvanized steel). This access door and panel model is ideal for installing for easy access to the roof where maintenance and repair for solar panels, vents, and other vital systems help your building on its day-to-day operation. 

The BA-GRH-DO model roof hatch is one of most building contractors' preferred access panels. It provides quick and easy installation on any surface for the service personnel to have hassle-free maintenance and repair.

The BA-GRH-DO has easy-to-open panels that provide quick access to hassle-free maintenance and repair. 

The BA-GRH-DO's easy-to-open galvanized steel panels are strong enough to hold around 10 pounds of snow and withstand severe weather conditions. This benefit ensures that the roof hatch is safe to install on the roof and will not quickly get damaged.

Why Choose BA-GRH-DO?

  • Installation
  • Accessibility
  • Durability

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