Insulated Flat Roof Metal Hatch 

Experience secure and convenient access to low-pitch rooftops with the BA-DRL Insulated Flat Roof Metal Hatch by Best Access Doors! Designed for flat-pitched roofs from 0 to 5 degrees, this hatch ensures safe passage and egress. It features anti-slip tape, an insulated multi-chamber PVC curb, gas springs for easy one-handed operation, and an 80-degree opening. For added versatility, the BA-DRL can be adapted to green roofs with an optional 6" mount upgrade. 

Take a Closer Look at BA-DRL 

  • Enhanced thermal resistance with insulated multi-chambered PVC construction 
  • Spring-powered, automatically locking sash that allows an opening of up to 80-degrees 
  • Suited for ladder access to roofs
  • Superior safety features with anti-slip tape and locking cover door
  • Perfect for low-pitch roofs ranging from 0 to 5 degrees and green roofs 

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