Fire-Rated Access Panel Insulated - Mud in Flange 

Achieving a flawless drywall finish demands meticulousness, patience, and focus. BA-FRI-DF Fire-Rated Access Panel Insulated - Mud in Flange, tailored for fire-rated walls, optimizes the drywall hanging process.

Crafted from 16-gauge steel by Best Access Doors, it boasts a 2-hour fire rating, making it suitable for various commercial or residential projects. Its exposed, perforated flanges allow for easy taping and mudding over joints or drywall, resulting in a seamless finish where only the panel door remains visible. 

Why Choose BA-FRI-DF? 

  • Simplifies Your Mudding Process: BA-FRI-DF's exposed flanges are perforated (beaded) to accept tape and drywall mudding compound for easier adhesion, precision placement, and a polished finish.
  • Fire-Rated: BA-FRI-DF is a fire-rated access door that has achieved a fire rating of up to 2 hours on rated, vertical wall assemblies, certified to U.L. standards
  • Self-Latching: The BA-FRI-DF maintains a spring mechanism to ensure hands-free and hassle-free operation, in accordance with NFPA 80 standards.
  • Installation Control: Best Access Doors has designed BA-FRI-DF to be installed during your drywall installation process, allowing greater control over exposed joints. The flanges also provide a guide when installing within existing structures. 
  • Concealed Finish: With perforated outer flanges, you can expect a virtually invisible finish with only the panel door exposed once you have fully installed the unit. 
  • Thermal Insulation: BA-FRI-DFcontains mineral wool insulation, contributing to its fire-rating, while enhancing the thermal properties of your application. 
  • Helps Towards LEED V4 Credits: This access door will help obtain LEED certification, tax credits, and benefits eligibility.

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