BA-GFRC-RH Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement Radius Corner – Hinged 

Heavy access panels can be cumbersome to install, especially on ceilings or high soffits. Lightweight access panels offer simplified installation, reduced labor costs, and reduced damage risk compared to heavy metal options. The BA-GFRC-RH Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement Radius Corner – Hinged is a durable and weather-resistant access panel, making it ideal for exterior applications.  

The BA-GFRC-RH is a lightweight, durable, and user-friendly exterior access panel made from fiberglass and recycled glass. Its hinged design allows easy access to concealed spaces, while European angled hinges ensure smooth operation.  

The panel's sleek aesthetics complement various exterior design styles, and its use of post-consumer recycled glass may contribute to LEED v4 green building certification points. Its unobtrusive aesthetics and elegant design make it a versatile and attractive solution for exterior access panels.  

Why Should You Use the BA-GFRC-RH? 

  • Reduced Installation Time and Labor Costs: The BA-GFRC-RH's lightweight design allows for easier handling and maneuvering, leading to faster installation times, especially on ceilings or high soffits. This reduces labor costs and keeps projects on schedule.  
  • Minimized Risk of Damage: The BA-GFRC-RH's lighter weight reduces the risk of accidental drops or damage during installation—protecting the access panel from cracks or chips—unlike heavier metal panels that can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.  
  • Long-lasting Durability in Exteriors: The BA-GFRC-RH—a weather-resistant exterior panel—offers superior resistance to cracking, warping, and moisture compared to traditional metal options, ensuring long-term functionality and cost savings.  
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal and Client Satisfaction: The BA-GFRC-RH, with its low-profile design and discreet eggshell white finish, enhances a building's exterior aesthetics, complementing various architectural styles. This attention to detail demonstrates quality commitment, potentially boosting client satisfaction and repeat business.  
  • Sustainable Building Practices: The BA-GFRC-RH showcases sustainable building practices, incorporating post-consumer recycled glass for LEED v4 credits, a crucial aspect of environmentally conscious construction. 

Elevate your exterior projects with the BA-GFRC-RH fiberglass reinforced cement access panel. It's more than just an access point; it's an investment in efficiency and aesthetics. This lightweight champion simplifies installation, minimizes the risk of damage, and endures harsh weather conditions—all while boasting a sleek, low-profile design that seamlessly integrates into your exterior.  

The BA-GFRC-RH is not just functional; it is beautiful. Its eggshell white finish and potential contribution to LEED v4 credits demonstrate your commitment to style and sustainability. 

Choose BA-GFRC-RH for a faster workflow, a stronger building, and a lasting impression. Connect with us to request a quote, or call 1-800-483-0823. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions.