BA-RMD Removable Access Door with Hidden Flange 

As a universal access panel, BA-RMD Removable Access Door with Hidden Flange is ideal for multiple non-rated applications providing tremendous value to construction professionals.  

Whether you are a plumbing expert, veteran contractor, HVAC specialist, or master electrician, the universal access panel unifies all professions with its utility and suitability for various applications within non-rated drywall and masonry structures.  

Include BA-RMD in:  

  • Commercial Spaces: Ideal for access points in offices, retail spaces, and public areas, blending functionality with modern design.  
  • Residential Installations: Concealed access for plumbing, electrical, or HVAC systems, maintaining a sleek and contemporary interior.  
  • Hospitality Venues: Streamlined access in hotels, resorts, and restaurants, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.  
  • Healthcare Facilities: Concealed access within medical facilities for easy maintenance and inspections, ensuring a clean and professional environment.  
  • Architectural Projects: Perfect for modern architectural designs where a flush, exposed flange access door is a crucial element  

BA-RMD is the perfect solution for covering unsightly internal components that detract from the craftsmanship and décor of your projects. The flat face of this flush access panel features no hinges or latches to maintain an unobstructed wall or ceiling surface for a finish as smooth as glass! 

Why You Should Choose the BA-RMD:  

  • Removable Door: BA-RMD features a removable door perfect for confined spaces and areas where it is impossible to fully extend a regular, hinged panel door.  
  • Contemporary Design: This access panel maintains a modern, elegant look with beveled edges and a hidden, concealed flange for a clean, flush finish.  
  • Keyless Access: BA-RMD utilizes a two-screwdriver cam latching system instead of a key or key/tool-operated mechanism, meaning you won't have to keep track of keys to maintain access.  
  • Durable Construction: BA-RMD comprises 16-gauge steel, ideal for a strong, robust, and reliable access panel!  
  • Installs Within Minutes: The BA-RMD has a hidden flange of 1 ½ ""for easy fitting and installation placement within minutes!  

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