BA-EA-GRH Galvanized Roof Hatch- Electric Actuation

Best Access Doors proudly present our industry favorite, the BA-EA-GRH Electric Actuation Galvanized Roof Hatch offering a quick and easy solution for your access needs! It has quickly become among the most popular amongst construction professionals as you can rely on its galvanized steel construction.

The door and curb are 14 gauge galvanized steel to ensure maximum durability against the elements. In addition, the door features a 22 gauge galvanized steel inside liner, ensuring the BA-EA-GRH can handle a live load of up to 40 lbs./sq. Ft. 

The BA-EA-GRH also includes a 1" Polyiso (R-6) insulation on both the door and curb to ensure your interior remains at your desired temperature. It also features a continuous EPDM foam weather/draft seal gasket to ensure a tight seal against the elements.

If you want to make this door even easier, we can include an electric actuator that you can operate via a push button switch, key switch, or remote control. The BA-EA-GRH also features a battery backup to operate it in case of a power outage.

Why Choose the BA-EA-GRH?

  • Durability
  • Insulated
  • Intuitive Opening Mechanism

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