Galvanized Steel Energy Efficient Roof Hatch – 70PSF  

BA-M-3-EE provides a seamless and user-friendly entry point to your rooftop, allowing you to access maintenance and inspection areas with ease. Thanks to the enclosed heavy-duty Torsion Coil Springs, you can enjoy quick and hassle-free service stair access while maintaining a secure grip on tools, equipment, or guardrails. Trust this premium service stair access hatch to deliver secure, weathertight rooftop entry for your convenience.

BA-M-3-EE takes energy efficiency to the next level with its 2" thick PIR insulation. Not only will it grant you smooth rooftop access, but it also helps your buildings become more energy efficient, saving you money in the long run!

Why Choose BA-M-3-EE?  

  • Durable rust and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel composition
  • Heavy-duty Torsion Coil Springs allow convenient lift-assisted openings and one-handed operation
  • Ultra-efficient 2" thick PIR insulation for enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Ideal for service stair access to rooftops
  • 90-degree openings, with hold-open arms for more clearance space
  • Insulated cover for thermal and acoustic resistance
  • Live load support of 70 pounds per square foot
  • Sustainably sourced and recyclable material

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