Flush Removable Access Door with Drywall Bead Flange and Concealed Push Latch  

BA-EDG-GYP flush access door is your best access option, where an elegant, durable, and economical solution is called for. Enjoy an almost invisible finish once the corner bead flange is plastered, perfect for commercial walls and ceilings.

Designed for all drywall surfaces, BA-EDG-GYP features removable hinges and a removable door complete with safety cables on sizes greater than 12" x 12".

Comprised of cold rolled steel, the door features all-steel hardware, round mitered corners, push-to-close latches, and spring hinges.

Get to Know BA-EDG-GYP  

Installs Anywhere: BA-EDG-GYP is perfect for walls and ceilings comprising virtually any material.

Virtually Invisible: Once the corner bead is plastered, the door and concealed push-to-close latches blend seamlessly with the surrounding surface.

Removable: With removable hinges, BA-EDG-GYP's door can be removed and set aside for more convenient access.

Highly Durable: Compromised of cold rolled steel, the door features all-steel hardware and round mitered corners for a strong, durable access solution.

Economical: This access door is multipurpose and cost-effective - use it throughout your commercial buildings!

Choose the size you need, or let us know if you require a custom configuration. Our product experts are standing by and ready to help you get started! Call us at 1-800-483-0823.

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