Are you searching for a tightly secured access door that can prevent building components from tampering? Look no further as Best Access Doors HSS High Security Access Panel is the North American contractor's most trusted access door providing you with the maximum level of security you aim to achieve.

Built with detention-grade materials, such as cold rolled steel plate and heavy-duty angle frame, the Best Access Doors' HSS- model panel grants tight security for your mechanical, electrical and plumbing system, keeping them away from unauthorized access that can potentially tamper your facilities' component.

Steel is the top material used in creating the BA-HSS high security access panel. It's a material well-known as one of the most sturdy metals on earth, making your access doors last long—this panel type is furnished with steel elements from the butt hinge to the door leaf.

As per the contractor's or client owner's request, you can add an extra security layer to your access doors by including lock and latch functions. Choose from various detention lock selections like Mortise preparation for detention lock, Mortise preparation (cylinder optional), and Mortise deadbolt lock, according to your project's needs.

The BA-HSS boosts the appeal of your building facilities with its DuPont premium quality and architecturally-pleasing white coat finish.

Why Choose the BA-HSS

  • Improve Security
  • Durability
  • Optional Deadlocks
  • Neat Finish

Certain building facilities demand an extra level of security wherein offered protection by simple and even state-of-the-art locks or latches can't meet the high safety standard that your commercial amenity needs. Established with a door designed in detention-grade materials and prepped for various types of deadlocks, the BA-HSS High Security Access Doors are a smart choice in this crucial case!

We at Best Access Doors are your best partners in finding the safest and most secure access doors and panels to install on your commercial buildings. Trust our products to give you quality and aesthetics hand-in-hand. Reach us at 800-483-0823 to ask for a personalized quote request. For any product concerns or issues, kindly review our Returns Policy.