Recessed 5/8" Aluminum Access Door with Hidden Flange 

BA-RAL-58 Recessed 5/8" Aluminum Access Door with Hidden Flange from Best Access Doors offers a discreet yet formidable solution tailored for the modern architectural landscape.

Where to Install:

This access model suits spaces demanding accessibility and aesthetic finesse. BA-RAL-58 is suited to environments including healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and hospitality settings.

Reasons to Choose BA-RAL-58:

Push Latch & Free Pivot Hinge: Seamlessly blending convenience and security, the concealed free pivot hinge coupled with the concealed push latch ensures easy access while maintaining a sleek, discreet appearance.

Removable Door: Flexibility is key! This feature allows quick access for maintenance or inspection without compromising the overall integrity of the installation, ensuring hassle-free functionality.

5/8" Drywall Insert: Precision-engineered to accommodate 5/8" drywall, this access door flawlessly integrates into the structure, offering a seamless appearance.

Aluminum Frame: Crafted from extruded mill finish aluminum, the frame embodies durability while harmonizing effortlessly with walls and ceilings, presenting a polished, professional look.

Gasket for Air and Smoke Infiltration: Equipped with a gasket, this access door actively restricts unwanted air and smoke infiltration, bolstering safety measures within the designated area.

Elevate your construction endeavors with the BA-RAL-58 Recessed 5/8" Aluminum Access Door with Hidden Flange by Best Access Doors—a perfect synergy of functionality, aesthetics, and reliability for modern architectural demands. Unlock the potential of seamless integration today!

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