BA-MW Welded Aluminum Frame Recessed Removable Masonry Access Panel

BA-MW is designed for recessed installation in solid concrete walls throughout your commercial building. Best Access Doors recommends the BA-MW welded aluminum frame because the high-grade inner and outer frames are bonded with a special welding process ideal for masonry applications. Choose from a ½” or 5/8” drywall inlay depending on your requirements. 

Once installed using the predrilled holes, the door lays flush with the non-rated surface, and you can paint the door leaf to blend with the surroundings. 1/16" is left visible between the outer frame and the door hatch.

BA-MW is easy to open; apply pressure to the spring-loaded latch side of the concealed snap locks, and it pops out – otherwise, it’s held in place with a safety system to prevent accidental openings. Just be sure to reattach if the hatch is removed for any reason.

Why Choose BA-MW Welded Aluminum Frame Access Panel?

  • Fully bonded inner and outer aluminum frames
  • Designed for use in non-rated, solid, concrete, and masonry walls
  • Available in moisture/mildew-resistant cement board
  • Predrilled for easy installation
  • Easy to remove, and safety system is easy to reattach

Choose the size and select the drywall inlay you need, and we will send BA-MW direct to your job site. If you have any questions about this model or need advice, contact our product experts at 1-800-483-0823.