BA-ACF-2064 Flush Steel Acoustical Access Door  

Maintain consistent and healthy airflow in your HVAC applications with the addition of Best Access Doors BA-ACF-2064 Flush Steel Acoustical Access Door. BA-ACF-2064 is your solution to applications requiring a Sound Transmission Class (STC) or Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) to minimize sound transmission between spaces.

With an exceptional OITC rating of 54 and an STC rating of 64, buildings near highways, airports, office buildings, schools, hotels, and research facilities will all benefit from installing BA-ACF-2064! As a flush steel door, BA-ACF-2064 features rubber gasketing, attached by adhesive, to create an airtight seal to minimize air leakage, promoting greater energy efficiency and potentially lower bills.

This 18-gauge steel door is ideally suited for applications in areas where moisture and water vapor are a concern. Steel is corrosion-resistant and better capable of resisting general wear and tear, with a baked-on-enamel prime coat for added resistance.

More Than Just an Access Door  

  • Mineral Wool Insulation: BA-ACF-2064 has a 2" thick mineral wool lining with a 0.11" thick vinyl barrier for superior sound insulation.
  • Flush Steel Door, for Airtight Access: With a flush steel door and 1/8" thick neoprene gasketing, you can maintain greater efficiency for HVAC components by limiting in-and-out-bound air leakage and contact with dust and debris.
  • Dependable, Durable: Our BA-ACF-2064's flush steel door has a continuous piano hinge meaning that rust, corrosion, and wear and tear will no longer be an issue.
  • Double-Latched: You can rely on BA-ACF-2064's double-slotted screwdriver cam latch for reliable access and a tight door flush-to-frame close.
  • Flush Finish: This low-profile, steel-insulated gasketed access door maintains a smooth and seamless finish once installed.

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