Fire-Rated Uninsulated Access Door with Flange for Drywall

Crafted with precision and engineered for safety, our BA-FB-5060-DW Access Door is the ultimate solution for commercial construction, specifically designed for drywall walls. This access door seamlessly integrates into your projects, offering a blend of reliability, security, and ease of installation.

Why Choose BA-FB-5060-DW?

Designed for Walls: Ideal for drywall wall applications in commercial settings, the BA-FB-5060-DW Access Door ensures compliance with stringent fire safety regulations while seamlessly integrating into various architectural designs.

Durable Construction: Manufactured from robust 16-gauge steel or Stainless Steel (Type 304), our door guarantees long-lasting performance, ensuring enhanced security and stability for your spaces.

Fire-Rated: With a UL 1-1/2 hour "B" label and optional ULC 2 hour "B" label, this access door is meticulously engineered to maintain continuity within 2-hour fire-rated walls without compromising safety or structural integrity.

Seamless Integration: The drywall taping bead flange ensures a seamless installation process, providing a polished finish that blends into the surrounding drywall.

Versatile Latching System: Equipped with a universal self-latching bolt, operated effortlessly by a knurled knob or flush key, this system can be prepared for rim or mortise cylinder locks for enhanced security and access control.

Fire Safety Priority: Explicitly designed to uphold fire safety protocols, this access door prioritizes safety by ensuring continuity within fire-rated walls without concerns about temperature rise.

Convenient Design: Featuring a concealed hinge, self-closing and self-latching mechanisms, and an inside latch release, convenience and ease of use are at the forefront of this access door's design.

Make the safety and security of your commercial construction projects a priority with the BA-FB-5060-DW Fire-Rated Uninsulated Access Door - where durability, fire safety, and convenience converge seamlessly! Call us at 1-800-483-0823 to discuss your questions or to place your order. Remember, most of our models are also customizable – just ask!