Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight – Laminate Glass 

BA-FX-L Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight – Laminate Glass by Best Access Doors brings dark and dreary spaces to life with natural light! With a fixed profile, you can also ensure that access is entirely restricted while fully benefiting from dual-layered laminate glass paneling for a visible transmittance (VT) rating of 0.41! 

BA-FX-L's glass is also treated to offer enhanced shatter-proof protection for complete peace of mind. BA-FX-L's laminate glass also features heat-reflective glazing, aesthetic and elegant timbered paneling, and a gasket-sealed timber wood frame for a highly efficient unit. Trust BA-FX-L for warmer, brighter spaces and peace of mind.

Why Choose BA-FX-L?  

  • BA-FX-L is tested and certified to provide a U-Rating of 0.34 providing added thermal resistance to your structures
  • Dual-layered laminate glass with heat-reflective, shatter-resistant coating for optimal comfort and enhanced safety
  • Elegant, lacquered timber frame for an easy blend with roofs ranging between 15 and 85 degrees
  • Non-opening structure to maintain restricted access at all times
  • Available in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of applications
  • Internal gaskets to prevent condensation from interfering with gypsum drywall fittings
  • Streamlined Installations without the need for brackets or extensive labor

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