Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight – Laminated Glass

Introducing the BA-FX-L Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight – Laminated Glass, your premium solution from Best Access Doors to elevate commercial construction spaces with an infusion of natural brilliance. Crafted to transcend conventional standards, this skylight epitomizes sophistication while redefining the art of harnessing natural light.

Reasons to Choose BA-FX-L

Enhanced Natural Illumination: Designed to optimize natural light, it infuses spaces with radiant warmth, fostering an environment that uplifts moods and improves productivity.

Double Glazing Innovation: BA-FXL's low-emission, heat-reflecting double glazing ensures energy efficiency while maintaining optimal internal temperatures.

Exquisite Timber Frames: Impeccably hand-selected, vacuum-treated, and lacquered timber frames exude elegance, adding a touch of timeless beauty to any commercial setting.

Insulation Excellence: With a specialized perimeter gasket and internal gasket system, this skylight enhances insulation, safeguarding the frame and drywall from condensation and ensuring durability and longevity.

Effortless Installation: The "bracket-free installation system" simplifies the setup process, making it hassle-free even in high-ceiling installations, allowing for seamless integration into commercial spaces.

Durable Design: UV-resistant cladding coated with polyester ensures extended resistance, guaranteeing a lasting allure and structural integrity against the elements.

Versatile Roof Compatibility: Suited for roof pitches between 15-85°, it offers adaptability across various architectural designs, providing installation flexibility.

Elevate your commercial construction projects with the BA-FX-L Fixed Deck-Mounted Skylight – Laminated Glass from Best Access Doors. Redefine spaces, infuse brilliance, and embrace the transformative power of natural light with unmatched elegance and innovation. Call us at 1-800-483-0823 - if you require customization, let us know!