Quad Door LightMAX Smoke Vent – Steel & Aluminum 

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your building and its occupants, BA-BSVLB-Q Quad Door LightMAX Smoke Vent – Steel & Aluminum sets the standard with its cutting-edge design and innovative features. This quad-leaf smoke vent, optimized by Best Access Doors maximizes its surface area, effectively expelling flames, fumes, and toxic gases in the event of a fire, creating a safer environment for everyone inside. Flood your spaces with the benefits of natural indoor lighting with this model's polycarbonate panel inserts.

With an automatic spring-powered cover activated by a fusible link, and compression springs capable of opening against strong winds or loads up to 10 psf, BA-BSVLB-Q ensures efficient and immediate ventilation when it matters most. Plus, with its high-quality insulation, this smoke vent not only enhances thermal resistance but also contributes to reduced energy consumption, benefiting both your building and your budget!

Why Invest in BA-BSVLB-Q?  

  • Automatic venting available with standard UL-listed fusible link 
  • Highly durable, and weatherproofed 14-gauge steel and 11-gauge aluminum construction with minimal maintenance required 
  • Polycarbonate panel glazing allows light natural light into workspaces
  • Quad-leaf design for maximized venting area and point of attack for firefighters 
  • Structural support provided by a load-bearing cover up to 40psf 
  • Exceptional energy efficiency with 1” PIR insulation 
  • EZ tabs with mounting flange for streamlined installations 
  • Alternate options for automatic opening and closing 

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