Automatic Smoke Vent – Steel Curb & Aluminum Cover

Elevate your fire safety measures with the BA-NB-40SV Automatic Smoke Vent by Best Access Doors. Engineered to ensure the security of industrial complexes, schools, recreational areas, and commercial buildings, this groundbreaking smoke vent redefines safety standards. Boasting an ingenious design, this single-leaf vent is equipped with an advanced fusible link, rigorously tested and UL-listed. This link springs into action when temperatures surpass 165°F, setting off a seamless automated opening. 

BA-NB-40SV's covers engage in a split second, providing swift and immediate ventilation while eliminating dangerous fumes and harmful gases. Designed for long-lasting durability, the BA-NB-40SV features weather-resistant construction, highlighted by EPDM rubber gaskets permanently attached to its cover!

Why Choose BA-NB-40SV?  

  • 3-½"" mounting flange for easy fittings and installations
  • Class A UL 790 rating, providing the highest standard of rooftop fire resistance
  • UL-listed fusible link for automated venting during fires
  • Aesthetic, heavy-gauge steel and aluminum construction
  • Compression-assisted lifts for one-handed operation
  • 1"" thick fiberboard and fiberglass insulation for added thermal resistance
  • Weathertight construction with EPDM gaskets
  • Structural reinforcement with 40psf bearing cover
  • Telescoping springs ensure an opening with wind or load forces of up to 10psf
  • Larger standard size for ample venting area

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