Here at Best Access Doors, we make sure to provide you with the top-quality access doors you need. So if you're ever looking for a roof hatch, make sure you have the BA-VM roof hatch installed in your buildings. You can install this type of roof hatch if you have a damaged roof hatch that needs replacing. It's as easy as removing the cover from the broken hatch and placing it on top of the existing curb. You can choose the roof hatch material, such as aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. You'll be glad to know that the materials are corrosion resistant, which grants the building years of being maintenance-free. You don't have to fret about any illegal breach because of the heavy gauge construction and positive latching mechanism in terms of security. The cover is a brake-formed, hollow-metal design with 1" (25 mm) concealed fiberglass insulation, 3" (76 mm) beaded, overlapping flange, fully welded at corners, and internally reinforced for 40 psf (195 kg/m2) live load. The BA-VM comes in various sizes and curb configurations for you to choose from.


  • Material: 11 gauge (2.3 mm) aluminum cover and frame
  • Finish: Mill Finish
  • Gasket: Extruded EPDM rubber gasket permanently adhered to the cover
  • Hinge: Heavy-duty pintle hinges with 3/8" (9 mm) type 316 stainless steel hinge pins
  • Lock / Latch: Slam latch with interior and exterior turn handles and padlock hasps
  • Lift Assistance: Compression spring operators enclosed in telescopic tubes. Automatic hold-open arm with grip handle release
  • Hardware: Type 316 Stainless steel hinges

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