Double Floor Door 1/8” Recess for Vinyl Tile/Carpet 

BA-FT-8040-DL Double Floor Door 1/8” Recess for Vinyl Tile/Carpet by Best Access Doors is perfect for concealing utilities beneath carpeted or tiled floors. This stealthy floor door features a solid aluminum plate reinforced to support a live load of up to 150 pounds per square foot. With a flush finish, BA-FT-8040-DL offers an easy 90-degree opening with lift assistance and can be locked in place for one-handed operation. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is ideal for high-traffic areas, to maximize your value and utility!

Why Choose BA-FT-8040-DL? 

  • Enhanced safety features such as a securely welded frame and anchor straps for load management 
  • Double-leaf design for more room to work, transport material, or inspect utilities 
  • Live load support of up to 150 pounds per square foot 
  • Recessed cover door to a depth of 1/8” for tile and vinyl inserts for stealthy concealment 
  • Easy, 90-degree opens with extruded pivoting hinges
  • Removable latch handle for a smooth, flush finish on your surfaces

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