BA-PFN-GYP Fire Rated Uninsulated Access Door with Drywall Flange  

Clean lines and uninterrupted surfaces are crucial elements of modern design styles, and access panels that bulge or create visible outlines can disrupt a space's overall flow and look. Hidden access panels allow for easier maintenance or repair work behind the drywall without damaging the finished surface in the future. The BA-PFN-GYP Fire Rated Uninsulated Access Door with Drywall Flange ensures that the overall aesthetic appeal of the space is maintained while still providing functionality for essential utilities.  

The BA-PFN-GYP is a fire-rated access panel designed for drywall walls, offering a clean, seamless look while providing additional safety. Its unique design features a special drywall flange that disappears behind the finished wall surface, creating a seamless look. The panel also offers easy access with a self-latching mechanism and a continuous piano hinge for smooth opening and closing.  

Made from cold-rolled steel, it is durable and withstands everyday use. The BA-PFN-GYP is a strong option for those needing a functional access point in a drywall wall while maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish.  

Why Should You Use the BA-PFN-GYP?     

  • Fire Rating and Easy Access Are Crucial: This access panel is fire-rated for up to 1.5 hours, providing extra protection during a fire. At the same time, it offers easy access to utilities behind the drywall through a self-latching mechanism.  
  • Maintaining a Flawless Finish Is Important: The BA-PFN-GYP boasts a unique drywall flange that integrates seamlessly with your drywall after installation. This eliminates unsightly bulges or interruptions in the wall surface, making it ideal for design-focused projects.  
  • Durability Is a Concern: Constructed from cold-rolled steel; the BA-PFN-GYP is built to last. You can be confident it will withstand wear and tear for long-term use.  
  • Sustainability Is a Priority: The BA-PFN-GYP complies with LEED v4 standards, making it a good choice for projects prioritizing environmental responsibility.  

The BA-PFN-GYP is the perfect solution for combining functionality with aesthetics. This access panel offers exceptional fire rating while its innovative drywall flange disappears seamlessly behind your finished surface. Easy access is ensured with a self-latching mechanism and smooth operating hinge. Built to last and environmentally responsible, the BA-PFN-GYP provides unparalleled performance and a flawless finishall in one package.  

Don't compromise on safety or aestheticschoose the BA-PFN-GYP for the best of both worlds. Connect with us to request a quote or call 1-800-483-0823 Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions.