BA-PFN-GYP Fire-Rated Uninsulated Drywall Panel with Mud in Flange  

Fortify your fire-rated applications with the addition of Best Access Doors' BA-PFN-GYP Fire-Rated Uninsulated Drywall Panel with Mud in Flange! This fire-rated mud-in flange door simplifies your installations with perforated beaded flanges for exact and precise alignments. The exposed outer flanges provide the added advantage of refining crude and poorly cut-out fittings. You will enjoy faster mudding for a polished, professional finish with the panel door embedded into your application of choice. And with BA-PFN-GYP's door flush-to-frame, it is barely there!

This uninsulated access door boasts an exceptional fire rating for up to 1.5 hours due to its durable cold-rolled steel construction. As mandated and outlined within NFPA 80, standard models feature a spring along its inner panel and slam latch for a self-closing and self-latching unit in accordance with International Building Codes.

BA-PFN-GYP is an asset to a variety of construction professionals, architects, and designers. Have you been looking for a clean, simple, dependable fire-rated mud-in flange door? Your search ends here.

Take a Closer Look at BA-PFN-GYP  

  • Fire-Rated Mud-in Flange Door: This non-insulated access door has achieved a fire rating of up to 1.5 hours to assist in slowing the spread of flames and smoke, with a mud-in flange to streamline your installations!
  • Anti-Corrosive: Our BA-PFN-GYP is made of cold-rolled steel and coated with a high-quality white powder coat primer.
  • Self-Closing Door: The spring of this drywall access panel ensures a safe, responsive, and reliable closing mechanism.
  • Inside Panel Release Available: BA-PFN-GYP is outfitted with an inside panel release on all standard models over 12" x 12".

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